““Impressions is a groove filled mix of R&B, jazz, adult contemporary, and rock. I'm a huge fan of the extremely tasteful and understated percussion throughout the album. It's the perfect bed for the layers of jazzy riffs and catchy keyboard rips. The lead guitar playing on this record is pretty "face melting" as they say, very Carlos Santana. Saulnier herself offers a strong feminine vocal with great control and presence. Saulnier is a very talented songwriter. The lyrics on this record are poignant and lasting; themes are evident and well structured, ideas are complete. It's refreshing to hear chart ready lyrics with an original touch. “  ~Yorkton This Week/ Yorkton, SK

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“The production of 'Impressions' combines her charming East Coast accent, the Joan Baez treble in her voice with almost an Eagles/Jackson Browne feel. The strength of her voice and amazing vocals are infectious. You can’t get much better than that. Paul Milner produced, engineered and excelled at the delivery of this CD. Connie Saulnier is reminiscent of the great singer/songwriters who have paved the way before her; with hints of Joan Armatrading, Joan Baez and Bonnie Raitt, if those singers appeal to you, then ‘Impressions’ is a CD meant for your collection!”  ~Cashbox Canada